A classroom is a child’s home away from home where it’s development takes place. Our classrooms are state of the art designs with essential lighting and acoustics. The space of the rooms is large and well ventilated with windows and is conducive for uninterrupted learning without distractions. Classrooms consist of ergonomically designed furniture with the right amount of space in between, green board, bulletin board and personal lockers that reduces students bag weight.


The school has computer, math and science labs adhering to the national curriculum’s framework and is in tune with the modern architecture that reduces environmental heat as well as noise. The labs are a buzz with academic projects and use the very best that technology can offer while presenting a learning atmosphere that constantly drives students to be innovative and focused. The internet is a constant source of information easily available for teachers and students to keep them in good stead with the latest developments.

Audio Visual Rooms

This setup is a prominent feature of the school since it is used frequently by the students and facilitators to make presentations, seminars, group discussions and several workshops. It also serves as a orientation premises for parents.


The school’s library is a popular joint for the students, offering a serene atmosphere and a wide variety of books and archives ranging from poetry to literature’s very best fictional and non-fictional knowledge as well as entertainment. It houses Encyclopedias that unravel world famous mysteries. A walk through the library is enough to reassure that reading from literary paper pages is still a revered concept that is not dulled by time and the advent of other technological mediums. Library’s stocks are periodically upgraded and the school’s friendly librarians are quick to suggest a good read or two, anytime they are wanted.

Sports Infrastructure

BRV Public School is a die hard sports enthusiast and motivates all the students to participate in various intra and inter school activities that help in the holistic development of children and to promote healthy environment. The school offers multiple sporting arenas such as a gym, yoga class, football court and the areas around the building are playgrounds where many sporting battles are a daily routine.